Any Vasileva – Singer, pop and jazz voice teacher, cellist

I started singing at the age of 4 at the ’’ Singing Bells’’  CVG  in my hometown of Veliko Tarnovo. I have been playing  the accordion (my first instrument) since I was five, and the following year I started dancing Bulgarian folk dances at TA ‘’ Bulgarche’’. In 1991  I started  playing the cello and later  the piano and guitar. At the same time I sang in the Chamber Choir “Cantilena” until the end of my secondary education.

In 2000  I started my higher education degree at  AMTII “Prof. Asen Diamandiev “- in Plovdiv, which I graduated with the following  specialties: singing, cello and music teacher at Kindergarten and School. In 2004  I tour Seoul and Jeju Island (South Korea) as part of a classical trio (violin, cello and piano).

Since 2005 and I am currently part of the popular in Bulgaria Quartet  “INTRO”, with which I have participated in hundreds of concerts and events:  Thessaloniki, Kallithea, Sithonia (Greece), Edirne, Keshan (Turkey), Paris (France), Rome (Italy), Vienna (Austria), Berlin (Germany), Barcelona (Spain), Djibouti (Africa), Macau, Hong Kong, China (China), Dubai, Ras Al Qaima (UAE) and of course in Bulgaria. In the period 2009 – 2012 I have taught in a kindergarten, Montessori – a kindergarten and school.

Since 2011 and currently I work with children and talents of all ages, as a teacher of singing (pop, jazz, classical) and solfeggio. Some of my students are already studying  different  music  profiles in Italy and England. Most of the young artists are winners of many international and Bulgarian music (vocal) competitions and festivals (Venice, Verona, Prague, Slovenia; Sofia, Bankya, Plovdiv, Hissarya, Karlovo, Burgas, Polski Trambesh, Veliko Tarnovo).

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